About Angry SEOer

Who is the Angry SEOer?

I am a digital marketer who has been marketing websites since I graduated from college a little over a decade ago. My favorite form of traffic is organic search engine based, coming from Google and other search engines (heh, sure). To put it another way, my favorite form of traffic is FREE.

What is the Point of This Website?

The point of this website is to demystify the concepts of SEO and digital marketing in general. I aim to use this platform to educate webmasters, business owners, marketers, and anyone of the like on how to get more free traffic to their websites.

Why Are You So Angry, Bro?

I hate SEO “gurus” who charge their desperate customers an arm and a leg simply because they can and because their customers don’t know any better.

I hate overpriced SEO tools and services which cost way more than most webmasters can afford, again simply because they can.

SEO is not difficult or especially complicated. In fact, most of it is pure common sense.

Of course if the “experts” ever admitted that, then they’d be out of a gig. Therefore, it makes more sense for their wallets to surround the concept of SEO with as much and as many smoke and mirrors, respectively, as possible.

Well this site is the vacuum and hammer, respectively, to all of that… if you follow me.

But I digress.

Leave the anger to me and let’s make some noise on that website of yours.

What’s In it For You, Angry SEOer?

You mean aside from the satisfaction of helping folks achieve their financial dreams by way of more traffic to their websites?

Okay sure, along the way you may see an ad on this site or I might recommend a product here or there, in which case I may get a small commission if you purchase that product through my link.

And yes, I admittedly just ragged on premium SEO tools and now here I am mentioning I might be promoting something? What gives?

First off, anything I recommend will be something I use myself and, as such, will be very affordable.

More importantly, I’ll always offer up free alternatives if they exist to get similar results. Or, failing that, I’ll just offer alternative methods which don’t cost a dime.

You’re All Right, Angry SEOer

You too, my friend!

Now, like I said, let’s make some noise together!

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